Custom Made

Custom-made greeting cards using micro­technology: Triggered Emotions offers it all. Whether you would like to outsource the whole process or just the technology, content, design or production. Collaborate with us professionally to make your creative idea a best seller.

Triggered Emotions is your port of call for all conceivable white label greeting cards using microtechnology. For each print run, for the national and international market and in accordance with your wishes:


Looking for greeting cards with light, sound, animations or a combination of these elements? Triggered Emotions has access to a range of patented applications. But we're also happy to develop new technology. Custom-made to meet your goals and your target audience.


We can use your audio content for custom-made cards. Or, you can use Triggered Emotions' treasure trove of sounds and music. We collaborate with skilled copywriters and translators to help create your text content.


Whether it’s about artwork or paper engineering; Triggered Emotions can develop it upon request. Illustrations, photography, letter design, paper type, folding technique, punch work, special prints: the elements that make up your ideal card.


Clever sourcing and high-quality production in Asia means that Triggered Emotions takes care of its own production. Our solid project management and our stringent quality control ensure that there will be no surprises. In other words: positive experiences only. Both for you and your target audience.