This section contains the answers to frequently asked questions. Can't find your question? Please contact us: we're happy to help!

I want to apply innovative technology like lights and sound to products other than greeting cards. Is this an option?

It certainly is! Why not take a look at our Creative Packaging and MarCom Concepts? We're happy to help you look for ways to breathe life into your product. Please feel free to contact us!

Can I order technologically enhanced greeting cards without my own designs?

No problem! We offer an extensive collection of special designs for you to choose from. See the Greetings page and select Showcase to view our own collection of cards. We closely collaborate with experienced professionals when creating new designs.

Where can I find a price list on your website?

There is no price list on our website because prices depend on the product, the music, the number of copies and the technology used. Please call or email us for a tailor-made quote!

How long does it take to manufacture products which incorporate microtechnology?

This depends on the product and the number of copies. The process never takes longer than 14 weeks. This period starts once we have access to all necessary designs and materials.

Do you develop and manufacture everything yourselves?

TE carries out product development, market research, sales and project management in the Netherlands. Mass production is carried out in Asia on our own account. This is how we combine Western innovation, quality and checks with Eastern price advantages.

Can I supply my own ready-made printed items?

Of course. We take care of the assembly. In other words, we add our innovative microtechnology to your printed items.

Can you supply us with technology in other ways, like modules?

Sure. We can provide light and sounds modules in custom-made stickers. This allows you to equip your products with the desired technology.

Which types of content can Triggered Emotions provide?

We provide all types of content in the fields of music, sounds effects and design; all geared towards your specific product. Triggered Emotions also has access to a large database containing audio and video footage to which we already own the rights.

I'm a MarCom professional. Can you help me with mailings and promotional items?

Of course, we're happy to help! From simple premiums to unforgettable mailings: nothing is impossible. See MarCom Concepts for inspiration or contact us. Together we will figure out how we can put a smile on both your face and that of your customers.

I am a consumer. Can I buy, say, 20 birthday cards from you?

You're welcome to visit our site for inspiration. However, please visit your local book store or an online point of sale to purchase your products.